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Holiday Lettings is your one-stop shop for holiday rental accommodation. With 140,000+ fantastic retreats in 150+ countries worldwide, they help you find the perfect place to stay then book it direct with the holiday home owner or property manager. Holiday home rentals are growing in popularity. Families, groups and couples alike are all looking for holidays and accommodation with the best value for money. They want a 'local' experience, tallied with luxury-feel amenities and home from home comfort.

That's where Holiday Lettings comes in. We connect you with owners and managers of holiday villas, cottages, apartments and more. With so much choice available you're sure to find what you're looking for, whatever your budget, taste and needs. You can book and pay safely online for most of their homes and they have strict procedures in place so each booking should go ahead without any hitches.

Their holiday homes are reviewed and rated by guests via TripAdvisor, which means that each review is strictly checked by the TripAdvisor team. Independent reviews are essential when deciding on any holiday, even more so for private holiday accommodation. After all, every holiday home is different.